Holidays, Work, Vettiness… Free…

I’ve had absolutely no time to blog at all, largely due to my exams; the
toughest and the osi-est till date with last minute slogging getting me
through again. Worstu. Gethu. Free. But as soon as I was like free once the
exams were over, I’m now stuck with this project at IIT on which I’m supposed to
work from 9 to 6 everyday, 9 to 6!?! It is just not possible man, not even close
to being possible! Free.. But thankfully there’s nobody to supervise me so the usual
vettiness and bunking ensures :).

Anyway it is fucking awful when all your friends are vetti and enjoying while you
are stuck with something you don’t wanna be a part of. The worst part is,
people talk of getting the shit bored out of them during the holidays with
nothing to do. Oh how I wish I had all their free time!!? I had so much
planned for my holidays, all of which I will have to postpone now. Worstu. Free.

I am so pissed off that the next person who’s totally vetti tells me he’s
bored as a result of having nothing to do, is gonna get punched in his face!
For free’s sake start enjoying the vetti times because well there’s nothing
more awesome than being vetti, and let me asssure you the vetti times are not
here to stay. The age of vettiness will eventually pass and we are going to miss it
like hell. I guess everyone has their own interests and passions, the stuff
that they love doing and for people in my age group this is probably the only
time in life where we can indulge in the things that we love and have an
absolutely awesome time!

Younger = Less Independence, Little Cohesiveness of Thought. Worstu.
Older = Work, Stupid Work, More Work, No Time, More Resposibilities. Worstestu.
Now = The Perfect Time to whatever you have ever wanted to do. Gethu.

I cannot put it more clearer than that.

I just hope people realise that college times is kinda the golden era of our
lives; agreed college and classes suck but work is like pathetic, specially
when you are going to work just for the money with no interest or passion for
what you are doing which is what most people invariable end up with!! So for
free’s sake, stop complaining that you have nothing to do; Think of something
that is fun and interesting and have fun. Worstu Floos..



Knowing the people who read my blog, I am sure most of you guys after reading
this will be like ” Free..”. Free.. And when eventually I get a message from
someone ” Machan, worstu vetti.. Boring… What plans? ” There’s just nothing
like replying with a “Vetti.. Free..”


I can say with a big smile on my face that I’ve not felt bored for a really long time now. I guess it’s all about having a lot of interests and being passionate about them and doing the things that you love most of the time. Of course Boredom is a part of life but it has become so small and insignificant that it’s almost non-existent these days for me. I recently stumbled upon a friend who said that we’ve tried and have done everything that we can possibly do and there’s nothing left in this world that is exciting. I couldn’t disagree with him more. Free floos! Free.. And why is it that as I get older, I see more and more guys desperately looking for a girlfriend, purely for timepass and kadalai.What desparations and mana varuthams!! Worstu Kadala Floos! Free..