Football is the best sport ever!!!!

Just listen to this. I don’t understand a fucking thing that this guy is saying but you can feel the emotions totally!!


Choose Chelsea. Choose to park the bus. Choose an IQ of a fence post. Choose to be seldom right but never wrong. Choose to look like Phil or Grant Mitchell. Choose Drogba. Choose to believe you’ve a God-given right to every trophy because you’vethe most money. Choose to act the thug and think it’s decent. Choose to dive and cheat and be the world’s worst loser. Choose muscle and brawn over ability. Choose an anthem like “blue is the colour” because none of the words have more than two syllables. Choose to be loathesome and think it’s cool. Choose knucle-dragging. Choose John Terry. Choose Chelsea.
Raz (a victory for decency, talent, and the beautiful game) Dublin

Surely after last nights performance we can put all the talk of Ronaldo v Messi to bed now.

Quite clearly Iniesta is the best player in the world right now. End of.
Patrick, Manchester

– F365 Mailbox

Andrés Iniesta, What talent!!??!!

His passes make me cry!!