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The Joys and The Pains of Long Distance Running

The Marathon is one of those things that tests a man’s stamina to the hilt and to finish one would be absolutely awesome. And I’ve taken my first steps towards running in one and finishing it, by running 8 Km without a stop. Thanks to all the football and basketball that I play, I end up running a lot almost everyday but continuous long distance running is a completely new feeling. It’s a totally different kind of battle and an awesome one at that.

I ran around Soma ( My Home Ground 🙂 ) 15 times and it was brilliant. The flood lights were not turned on that evening and so it was a real nice run, all alone with only my iPod for company and running round and round in the dark night really makes you feel Alone and One with Nature, One heck of an experience. So, one sweaty night, after fifteen laps and some 45 mins my first distance run was complete.

During the run you realise how important Rhythm is and with constant pace you tend to exert minimum energy. The sweat pours down and you concentrate on just running without a pause and you tend to think much more clearly, and it relieves all the stress. It’s brilliant and everyone must try their hand at pushing their body to the limit and run and run …  I know there are other stuff that pushes your mind and body but I guess running is the most natural and easiest to practice.

I never realised before this run how important stretching your muscles before some physical activity is and the brilliance doesn’t end with the running. After you’ve run, you are totally exhausted and your entire body feels so heavy and you can barely lift up your arms and your legs. You are so tired that you can hardly move and your body is sore for a couple of days but believe me it is totally worth all the trouble!

“Out of the silver heat mirage he ran. The sky burned, and under him the paving was a black mirror reflecting sun-fire. Sweat sprayed his skin with each foot strike so that he ran in a hot mist of his own creation. With each slap on the softened asphalt, his soles absorbed heat that rose through his arches and ankles and the stems of his shins. It was a
carnival of pain, but he loved each stride because running distilled him to his essence and the heat hastened this distillation.”
– James Tabor, from “The Runner,” a short story

The best things in life are free..
Lets see how many months it takes for me to go from 8 Km to 42.195 Km!
If I make it then sure treat for everyone :P..


Sand Sea Rain Bliss

I went to Besant Nagar Beach last week and I was kinda skeptical as to what one can do there as it was raining, always have thought that rains and beaches never can be fun together till now. Anyway went there and thanks to the intermittent rains and the cool sea breeze, the wet beach sand, it was brilliant.

But the most amazing part was when I went into the sea, into the waters. Under Mooli’s persuation, I just forgot about all the risks involved and just simply enjoyed. It had been ages since I even dipped my legs into the sea because I hate the part that comes after you enjoy in the waters, going home that is far away with sand sticking to every part of your body. But this time I really went in. I mean really in the ocean, the waves hitting me and pulling me towards the shore and away from it, back and forth again and again, waves going over my head and totally submerging me in the salty waters, trying out my very little swimming skills, it was awesome.

Wait, it got even better. It started to pour, the sky darkened, large clouds loomed large overhead. So there I was ten feet into the sea, and it was raining very hard :). Warm ocean, cold rain, a few flashes of lightning overhead, gusty winds, even rougher waves, it was simply the most amazing thing! I got totally drenched and did not end up with a fever or cold after that 🙂 , nature can be so much fun.

But someone had stolen my slippers when we were all busy enjoying in the waters, there were helmets, reebok shoes, more slippers, mobile phones etc but they had to steal my pair of sandals. Wtf. Anyway had to be barefoot for a few hours after that in the rain drenched yucky Chennai roads but it was a small price to pay for enjoying the charm of the sea and the rain in all their awesomeness :).