Does anyone read my blog?

Where do all the hits come from?

Why would anyone care about what I think?

Some wise floo once said, Opinions are like socks, everyone has got a pair and they smell;
And I know what I think is all nonsense and it doesn’t matter at all.

Why do I still bother writing about stuff?

Free.. Ultimate Worst Mokka Floos We Humans Are..

That is what makes us Gethu..




I dream of a better tomorrow… where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives.


Managing The Music Collection

Is there a task that is more time consuming and boring as sorting and tagging all the music that you’ve got?

Man, I’m sick and tired of this and I wish all MP3’s could come with proper tagging! I guess nothing in this world comes for free and the price you pay for pirated music is this, all your precious time goes waste in organizing the fucked up filenames and tags.

There must be a software that automatically and intelligently tags and sorts music the way I want it and for once in life Google hasn’t helped me solve a problem completely. And when you have a portable player with all fucked up and broken tags, it really just pisses you off. Free.

All you people with the same problem, try out these softwares to sort out your troubles but I am still looking for that killer software that makes you go wtf..

Magic MP3 Tagger.
Music Brainz.

Other tools that help you sort out the mess in your music library are welcome in the comments.

The GodFather comes close to doing everything perfectly..

Protected: Happy Birthday..

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Falling sick… I was going on with my crazy life with the crazy pace with no time for me or my body, playing everyday, going to coll and sitting through hours of torture and then bam… I get Typhoid and man it’s made me tired!!!

The headace and the fever was unbearable a week before but now all fine thanks to laying on my bed for 5 days straight, let me tell you tat sucks. I’m so bored that going to college seems like going to heaven. Computers can give you only so much company, without ppl we ‘re nothing. Anyway needed this break to stop for a moment, rest and then continue with my life as usual and my attendance for this sem i hope is atleast 50% without the ODs and this Medical Leave or else I’m screwed big time!!!

Worstu timing…

SRM Universtiy…That’s where i’m studying right now…at least going to college,putting up with all the mokka and surviving…Being a deemed university it has its fair share of pros and cons…

My college is free..I mean seriously free on most matters…
They dont even know the spelling of Strict…

And the exams are a piece of cake when compared to AU, but one big problem is the timing of exams…!!!

Just when everyone of my friends have hols, just when they start freaking out after their exams are complete and bask
in all the glory of being Absolutely Vetti, my end sems start!

Seriously, it couldnt be any worse… When every other guy out there is enjoying its really hard to study… Anyway i got 4 days hols for each exam so will get to hang out a lot
with friends i guess…

But seriously,what’s up with my college!!Always exams and headaches when hols for everyone…worstu…

First Post : Hello World…

Hi all..

Those who dont knw me, check out my About page…

For those who knw me, check out the About page anyway…free

So finally,here i am starting off with my first post…I’ve always wanted to blog but somehow was so busy being really vetti all this while…

And i know a lotta ppl who start off with enthusiasm and u know get bored after a while and move on abandoning their blog ,I hope tat doesnt happen and i’ll try to make sometime to write…

Anyway who’s gonna care…after all as the Default Tagline says this is just another weblog…