–¬†Holidays for everyone and I’m stuck with stupid exams. Worstu situation ever and it keeps happening every sem ūüė¶


–¬†Ryan¬†Giggs¬†should¬†really¬†be¬†Sir¬†Ryan¬†Giggs. Absolute.Fucking.Legend.

–¬†IPL¬†rocks..¬†But¬†I¬†have¬†a¬†bad¬†feeling about the Chennai SuperKings,¬†so¬†fragile¬†in¬†batting,¬†bowling¬†and¬†fielding¬†–¬†lol,¬†everything.

–¬†I can’t believe Delhi have got DK And Yo. With them in our side it would definitely feel more like Namma Team. In PHL, the Veerans talk in Tamil while playing… It was wonderful in the stands to hear the players talk like that in Tamil – The instant connection with our Local Club was there. Somehow i don’t see that happening in the IPL…


–¬†Missed¬†the¬†Lunar Occultation¬†of¬†Mars on¬†the¬†10th. Went to Chepauk for the match and the weather wasn’t fine that day too for Star Gazing. What’s up with the clouds and astronomical events, screws it up every single time…

Best Show Ever. Period.

–¬†Gregory¬†“Dr.Awesome”¬†House¬†MD is back.

–¬†The¬†Big¬†Bang¬†Theory’s¬†theme¬†song is¬†really¬†Gethu.¬†Samma¬†Catchy.¬†Definitely¬†the¬†best¬†theme song since¬†Friends.