Football is the best sport ever!!!!

Just listen to this. I don’t understand a fucking thing that this guy is saying but you can feel the emotions totally!!


Choose Chelsea. Choose to park the bus. Choose an IQ of a fence post. Choose to be seldom right but never wrong. Choose to look like Phil or Grant Mitchell. Choose Drogba. Choose to believe you’ve a God-given right to every trophy because you’vethe most money. Choose to act the thug and think it’s decent. Choose to dive and cheat and be the world’s worst loser. Choose muscle and brawn over ability. Choose an anthem like “blue is the colour” because none of the words have more than two syllables. Choose to be loathesome and think it’s cool. Choose knucle-dragging. Choose John Terry. Choose Chelsea.
Raz (a victory for decency, talent, and the beautiful game) Dublin

Surely after last nights performance we can put all the talk of Ronaldo v Messi to bed now.

Quite clearly Iniesta is the best player in the world right now. End of.
Patrick, Manchester

– F365 Mailbox

Andrés Iniesta, What talent!!??!!

His passes make me cry!!



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For me there is nothing that comes close to a good game of football, well of course a game of basketball is equally awesome; I guess sport is one of the few things that makes life fun and worth living. Anybody who knows me knows how much I love sport, the physical activity and the tiredness involved is simply amazing.

And I forgot the sweating :D, I generally sweat a lot and while playing I sweat buckets (Think of Rahul Dravid and multiply it by 10). The combination of the outdoor atmosphere, the stretched out muscles, all the running, the creative passes, the manly shoulder barges, the honesty, the integrity, the stamina, the sweating and the swearing is just simply awesome. And it is the best way (the cheapest, the healthiest and the awesomest way) to cheer up and have fun with your friends.

The part where you’re all tired and have finished playing, the first sip of water that you take makes you feel like you’re in heaven. And when you go home and lie down in your bed with absolutely no gas and you’re left with sore muscles, the tiredness takes you over and puts you to sleep, Amazing!

I believe that one can really see the true character of a person when he’s playing because it’s just so instictive and one has no time to think about his actions. The cheaters, the true geniuses, fair and honest players; sport brings out the true self in everyone. And it is definitely a form of Art. I’m sure you get the same feeling when you see some painting by say Picasso or when you witness a moment of sporting brilliance, a slam dunk by King James or perfectly weighed thru ball that makes you go wtf!!!

Collective sports I guess is better than theindividual ones because you know, the beauty of a number of people working towards one single goal in their own individual way where the self doesn’t matter, it’s the team that counts and I’m sure everyone would agree that the 24 pass goal by Argentina in the last word cup is much harder and much more beautiful than any act of individual genius.

I guess I can proudly say that the playground is like a second home for me. Here’s to Soma (My home ground :D). Host to so many amazing games of both football and basketball, so many friends that I’ve made there, so many memories and of course so many injuries (Ouch!). I just wish I would be able to play my entire life.

And I just can’t wait for the Olympics, It’s gonna be fucking brilliant!!!