Without music life would be a mistake.

– Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Creativity is the very essence of life. Sport, Poems, Movies, Paintings, Music; All is Art, the stuff that inspires, motivates, the very thing that defines us. But all forms of art are not equal, and there is one that stands out above all others, Music.

I have seen people who don’t like sport, movies, even books and paintings but I am yet to come across someone who does not listen to music. I guess music is up there with our larger brains, the use of tools and bipedality Β in making us the species we are.

Carnatic, Hindustani, Rap, Rock, Hip-hop, Metal, Trash, Grunge, Techno or just plain old noise, whatever it is you just cannot help but appreciate the genius of music and it is definitely one of those things that make our lives much more bearable and enjoyable.

“They say music can alter moods and talk to you…” , the words of the King Eminem himself; it just tells you the immense power and influence of music on every single person’s life. You can get bored of anything but there will never be a day when you will run out of good music to listen to:).

And a small thing that I have noticed, All songs, well most of the good ones anyway, seem just okay the first time you hear them , but then they progressively get more and more awesome as the play count increases slowly and at some point of time it just becomes the most Legendary song ever until you eventually get bored with it and a new track takes it’s spot of being the best song ever and I guess this cycle goes on forever, as you can never ever run out of good songs :).

Ah, the feeling that you get when you are totally immersed in the song when it is at it’s peak, the musical orgasm that you experience when you totally lose yourself in the music! It is just amazing that a series of vibrations can make you dance spontaneously, can lift you up, can pull you down, can make you cry, can make you scream, can make you wanna die! And all this due to this amazing sense of perception, this stunning illusion that our brain creates while our ear drum vibrates in various frequencies.

And then there are the lyrics to all the songs, they can convey so much with so little. The perfect blend of ideas with words that just fuel your imagination and make you go though every single feeling that there is, because I guess music is what feelings sound like. Lyrics to music is like the soul to our body and I am sure everyone can quote so many favorite lines from various tracks that just make you go wtf due to sheer brilliance, creativity and the meaning put across elegantly. Amazing!

Anyway, here is a big Thanks to everybody who has contributed to the world of Music and finally, God bless Piracy because without it, people like me would have never experienced the joys of World Music thoroughly :P.


Spray paint and ink pens
I use
To write in every color I think in
To paint a picture
With every rhyme that I speak in
The gallery is the beat then I (echoes I)

– Lupe Fiasco


Solar Eclipse

A partial solar eclipse was visible yesterday from Chennai and it was really good despite the weather that threatened to disappoint everyone. It was really cloudy and it was pouring like hell minutes before the eclipse started but after a while the sky towards the west started to clear up slowly and half an hour or so into the eclipse the Sun was visible again :).

The clouds actually made it possible for me to view the eclipse directly and it was bloody brilliant. I went to the Planetarium and there was such a huge crowd and people stayed on and waited despite the rain and they were aptly rewarded. The view via the Welder’s glasses that were distributed was beautiful and reflected images through telescopes were equally brilliant. But I loved to see it directly and I was able to gaze at the eclipsed Sun for short periods and thanks to the light clouds the effect of it’s light wasn’t too harsh.

What I don’t understand is why you shouldn’t see the sun directly, I was able to look at it for around 10 secs and did it a few times and my eyes are perfectly fine. I can understand the damage to the eyes if one’s inside a dark room or somethin and then comes out and looks at the sun directly with his pupils fully dilated but normally I guess you can look directly for a few seconds by blocking out the extra surrounding light with your fingers. Anyway those who weren’t afraid and saw directly would definitely have felt a sense of wonder.

Next July there’ll be a Total Solar Eclipse and that would the AWESOMEST. Next time it’s gonna be our part of the Earth from where it’ll be Total and I hope the weather doesn’t spoil it, day is gonna turn into night and back to day again in a matter of minutes πŸ™‚ and the Corona should be awesome.

Some of my pics from yesterday. Images through the welding glass are really blurred :|.

More Space News : We’ve all pretty much know that water ice is present on Mars but for the first time Water was Touched and Tasted by Phoenix yesterday :). Also Check out 50 years of NASA.

Finally the LHC is almost complete and it’s amazing.


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Apollo 11

July 20th 1969, a historic day on which humans first walked on the moon and today I can’t help but appreciate the scale of this achievement. Just go out tonight and see the near full moon glittering in all its glory and to think that we have the power to visit this alien world is simply amazing. Just think of the amount of science involved in a moon landing.

There’s nothing that’s more beautiful than the moon (as you can see in the picture at the top) and I’m sure each and everyone of us has looked up and gazed at the moon with awe and wonder. To think that 39 years ago we were able to go there and come back alive with the technology that was available then is really awesome.

Just see this video.. Amazing..

And check out this NASA web page for more videos.

And one of the best pictures of all time πŸ™‚


How wonderful it would have been to walk on the moon.. Everytime I look up at the moon I wish I could visit it. So white, so beautiful, so breathtaking in a clear starry night amidst the blackness of space.

As Buzz Aldrin said one cannot really put it in words the feeling you get but I guess he summed it up beautifully when he said “Magnificent desolation”.

Amazing Gethu..

Quantum Mechanics…

Just saw this video while digging around the web and it is simply amazing. Check it out, it’s about the double slit experiment.

Science Rocks πŸ™‚

George Carlin

George Carlin is definitely one of the best stand-up comedians the word has ever seen. All his lines are really really thoughtful and the hundreds of George Carlin quotes make so much sense, and at the same time they’re all so funny.

I stumbled upon his quotes last year and became a fan instantly. Here they are, so wonderful, thoughtful and hilarious.

And almost everyone knows about the Seven Dirty Words that you cannot say on Television and of course my personal favorite Airline Announcement.

The Legend lives on.

R.I.P. George Calvin.

Sand Sea Rain Bliss

I went to Besant Nagar Beach last week and I was kinda skeptical as to what one can do there as it was raining, always have thought that rains and beaches never can be fun together till now. Anyway went there and thanks to the intermittent rains and the cool sea breeze, the wet beach sand, it was brilliant.

But the most amazing part was when I went into the sea, into the waters. Under Mooli’s persuation, I just forgot about all the risks involved and just simply enjoyed. It had been ages since I even dipped my legs into the sea because I hate the part that comes after you enjoy in the waters, going home that is far away with sand sticking to every part of your body. But this time I really went in. I mean really in the ocean, the waves hitting me and pulling me towards the shore and away from it, back and forth again and again, waves going over my head and totally submerging me in the salty waters, trying out my very little swimming skills, it was awesome.

Wait, it got even better. It started to pour, the sky darkened, large clouds loomed large overhead. So there I was ten feet into the sea, and it was raining very hard :). Warm ocean, cold rain, a few flashes of lightning overhead, gusty winds, even rougher waves, it was simply the most amazing thing! I got totally drenched and did not end up with a fever or cold after that πŸ™‚ , nature can be so much fun.

But someone had stolen my slippers when we were all busy enjoying in the waters, there were helmets, reebok shoes, more slippers, mobile phones etc but they had to steal my pair of sandals. Wtf. Anyway had to be barefoot for a few hours after that in the rain drenched yucky Chennai roads but it was a small price to pay for enjoying the charm of the sea and the rain in all their awesomeness :).

Lost !

How awesome was the finale of Season 4. It was Bloody Brilliant. SPOILER ALERT – The man in the coffin is John Lock, and he gets to be the new leader of the Others. Michael Emerson (Ben) is definitely the best actor on the show and man they moved the island. Β Check out the easter eggs.

And Penny and Desmond finally get together, true love should be rewarded :). Dead people moving around and boats blowing up and a lot of other awesome stuff happening but all with some scientific basis. That is what I love about the show. The consistency with all the stories, mindblowing mysteries, the connections between anything and everything, the depth of each and every character. No other show matches it.

Hats off to Carlton and Damon and the rest of the production team. Hope they rehash the finale in a Podcast so that we can really understand what happned in that episode.

Just can’t wait for the next season…