I’m Sriram from Chennai , India writting about anything and everything My Tales Of Mere Existence..

My Interests include Computers and Tech, Science, Sports, Movies, Music, Books and a lot more…

Usually one can find me in some ground playing and hanging out with friends or glued to my computer jobless and bored..or in my terrace stargazing and losing all sense of significance and importance…

Also I talk with Myself, have Imaginary Friends and i got two other alter egos i know of…Separate About pages for my alteregos will be created as and when they take over me…


PS – my free is irritating at first but then u kinda get used to it and then start loving it and then start using it and then get irritated all over again :p…free..



  1. Hey! I’m come here to say hello. Glad to have discovered you and this wonderful blog!! 😀

  2. Hi.. Good to see someone thinks that my blog’s wonderful 🙂

  3. *eheh* I really think it! 😀

  4. GS

    Nalla blog. J’aime ca vraiment. Simple writing style, good thoughts and plenty of energy and “free”s..vaazhga valamudan 🙂

    A bientot,


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