The Eagle Has Landed.. :)


The Big Picture
Landing sites and the LRO Tribute
See Monkey Do

What a Wow..

Potru.. Free..


The Greatest Guitarist In The World..



We sneaked backstage before Motherjane were gonna perform and we saw him. Jagan, Vishal and me stopped in shock and awe as we saw the greatest otha omalest guitarist in the world !!!

I was like otha and went in and asked for a photo and yeah make all the fun you want, that’s the ‘is this even fucking happening??!!??’ look that I have..

I actually shook hands with BAIJU man.. otha..


I mean.. Otha..

Amidst rituals of living
We surrender to the beyond
Crossover worshippers swaying
to the hypnotic colors of sound
You’re not here in body
Yet your songs with us remain
Like waves that will not weary
To claim these shores again
Blessed travelers from the fields of sound
You’ve roamed the paradise of the musical legion
Pushing boundaries from the eye of the storm
Baptizing with melody, the sweetest religion




Beautiful Images.
Beautiful Art.
Beautiful Music.
Beautiful Camerawork.
Beautiful Narration.
Beautiful Documentary.