I managed to see the Hubble Space Telescope just over an hour ago!! :).

Amazing!! I had two people with me this time and they can pretty much confirm that I was not hallucinating!!

I saw the HST man, the greatest Telescope ever built :). w00t.. 🙂


free 🙂

PS – I also managed to spot another satellite that was moving from north to south a few mins after Hubble disappeared but strangely it is not listed at heavens-above!! Anyway it takes the tally of satellites spotted by me to 3, in 3 days. Now that is awesome gethuness!! 🙂




  1. What kind of telescope did you use?

  2. I saw the HST!!!!!!!!!!!! I frigging saw the HST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Watha omale potru gethu man! Cal me up the next time u go Skyspotting! Cheers! 🙂

  3. @ Ivanpankov

    You don’t need a scope to just view the satellites that orbit the earth. To the naked eye, the bright ones look like just another star but the move, and they move really fast. Just imagine a star that’s moving in the sky in some defined arc. To find out what all satellites you could spot everyday, visit heavens-above.com and enter your co-ordinates and just look around there. It’s an amazing website :).

    Have fun stargazing.. Clear Skies..

  4. @ CK
    I do it everyday man.. Free.. The come my house some clear night, I’ll teach you lots.. Free..

  5. @Sriram

    I saw a website one time, can not find it now, where people post astronomy pictures they took and there was an International Space Station and you can see the solar panels and stuff, so I thought maybe you do astrophotography as well and this time caught Hubble.

    Unfortunately I wear glasses, so with my naked eye the only thing I can see is Moon 🙂

  6. @ Ivanpankov

    Yeah, you can see the ISS with all the solar panels and stuff provided you have a basic telescope. I don’t have a scope yet, but planning to get one. It’s proving too expensive :(. Anyway, Naked Eye Astronomy rocks :). And you can see stuff even though you wear glasses man. Just get to some place with a low level of light pollution. Where do you live? Glasses cannot come in your way man, so just look up at the sky and enjoy 🙂

  7. @Sriram

    I live in Canada near Toronto, so light pollution is a problem, but I already have a cheap scope I got on sale and now saving money for the big real thing.

    So far I watched the Moon only in my cheap scope, I will try some nebulas tonight if the sky is clear.

  8. @ Ivanpankov

    You’ve got a small scope eh? Nice.. I wish I had one.. Here in Chennai the light pollution is not too bad, I can see a few globular clusters and nebulae on clear nights through my small binoculars :). You’ve got far greater access to scopes there. Here in India it’s kinda hard to buy a scope and it’s really really costly!!

    What scope do you have now? And which one are you planning to buy?

  9. @Sriram
    I got cheap one for $10 on warehouse sale. It says 100x magnification, but lens diameter is not that big, maybe about 4 cm or so. Mount is really crappy, sometimes I literally have to hold it by hands to see something 🙂 All plastic, more a toy than a scope.

    I am looking for ~ 10 inch reflector scope, the cheapest I can find, maybe I will get lucky and find a used one. I want to upgrade it later with a good mount and take some sky pictures. I love nice astronomy pictures 🙂

  10. all the three of you were hallucinating free

  11. @ Mooli

  12. @ Ivanpankov
    A 10 $ scope.. lol.. I’m sure you cannot see anything with that..

    A ten inch reflector is gonna cost a lot.. plus it’s gonna weigh a lot.. but it’s gonna show a lot more :).. I’m sure you ‘ll have fun with it..

    But aren’t you into Naked Eye or Binocular astronomy? I guess it’s a lot more easier and awesomer to first see the sky without a scope and then use a good scope to see the really awesome stuff..

    I hope you know your way around the sky, if not familiarize yourself before buying a scope or else you’ll be having a hard time trying to locate stuff to see thru it..

    And yeah, Astronomy Pictures rock :).. who doesn’t love them ?

    And check out Phil Plait’s Blog.. http://www.badastronomy.com.. I think you’ll love it..

    Clear Skies!

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