Does anyone read my blog?

Where do all the hits come from?

Why would anyone care about what I think?

Some wise floo once said, Opinions are like socks, everyone has got a pair and they smell;
And I know what I think is all nonsense and it doesn’t matter at all.

Why do I still bother writing about stuff?

Free.. Ultimate Worst Mokka Floos We Humans Are..

That is what makes us Gethu..




I dream of a better tomorrow… where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives.



  1. worst floo….
    we don hav nethin better to do…

    chalo chalo….


  2. We all wanna be heard, applauded and accepted by the society, even though we pretend like we hardly care.. we like to believe that we are loved, and we like to believe that there is a point to our existence.

    You, me, that vetti-law-speaking-side-la-figure-correcting-guitar-floo… Mle, and every other random guy.. all part of the same hypocrisy šŸ™‚

    Bunch of apes stuck in a planet with nothing better to do rather than hail themselves šŸ˜€

    Free! šŸ˜€

  3. @ Jagan
    Enna da Chalo Chalo.. Hindi la pesara.. Worstu Beggar Floo.. Free..

  4. @ CK

  5. Chalo chalo is Gounder joke šŸ˜› … Jag ll fill u in next time v club šŸ˜€

    Potru gethu… free.. šŸ˜€

  6. @ Ck

    Lol.. Gethu.. Free..

  7. maybe ur blog is read to make others feel better about their blogs . u write as a social service to reduce inferiority complexes among bloggers. everything has a meaning from some perspective šŸ˜›

  8. @ Arthi


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