Football is the best sport ever!!!!

Just listen to this. I don’t understand a fucking thing that this guy is saying but you can feel the emotions totally!!


Choose Chelsea. Choose to park the bus. Choose an IQ of a fence post. Choose to be seldom right but never wrong. Choose to look like Phil or Grant Mitchell. Choose Drogba. Choose to believe you’ve a God-given right to every trophy because you’vethe most money. Choose to act the thug and think it’s decent. Choose to dive and cheat and be the world’s worst loser. Choose muscle and brawn over ability. Choose an anthem like “blue is the colour” because none of the words have more than two syllables. Choose to be loathesome and think it’s cool. Choose knucle-dragging. Choose John Terry. Choose Chelsea.
Raz (a victory for decency, talent, and the beautiful game) Dublin

Surely after last nights performance we can put all the talk of Ronaldo v Messi to bed now.

Quite clearly Iniesta is the best player in the world right now. End of.
Patrick, Manchester

– F365 Mailbox

Andrés Iniesta, What talent!!??!!

His passes make me cry!!




  1. cry?? free.. either ways gethu fella he is…leave him.. pique.. omale range fella and only 22.. gethu he gona

  2. Beautiful soccer from Bacelona win them the Champions League final berth and i don’t be surprised if they conquer Rome…They have the ability and players to swim against the current….great!

  3. what do you think about that:

  4. @ khalidmusanna

    Yeah, Barca deserved to be in the final, their football is simply breathtaking. But hopefully the final would be a smashing game with United winning it :).. Let’s see..

  5. @ Soin
    Yeah.. He’s so good that I like say potru and drop stuff.. free..

  6. @ sportologist

    Well, the fact is away games are not exactly the same as home games. There’s something about home games with the crowd cheering you on all the time, the psychological boost that you get and the crowd also affects the ref’s decisions!

    Why do you think there’s this huge difference in form between the home and the away games in most of the teams?? Chelsea went unbeaten at home for ages but were not so good away.

    So Definitely away goals > home goals! But having said all this, maybe away goals are given too much importance and value in the UCL, but is there a better solution?

  7. that little ‘choose’ speech is Trainspotting style.

  8. I have never celebrated any non-United result as much as I did last night. I’m not entirely sure why- it would make more sense to support Chelsea as they seem to be the weaker of the two sides. Even so, fifteen minutes into the second leg and I couldn’t take any more. Four one-on-ones and Drogba chooses to dive on all four occasions. Disgrace.

    I am with you on the away-goals rule. True, the system is slightly arbitrary but you could say that about any system- how fair is a penalty shootout? At the end of the day, you’ll need some rule to decide ties and the away-goal rule is our best option.

    Iniesta over geth, though I still believe Xavi is their best player.

  9. @ mohit
    Yeah, that’s why it is so good!

  10. @ Dela

    Yeah, you should have seen me jump and pump my fist and run around the house when Iniesta scored! I did the same when Macheda scored for us, and I sprained my neck in all the celebrations for the wonder goal from him that won us the game so so dramatically.

    Anyway I wanted a United Barca final, because if we win then it would be so much more awesomer because a win over the best attacking team in the world means so much more! And if we lose the final, at least it won’t be to Chelshit but we would have lost to a team that has Iniesta in it. So free..

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