American Beauty

First of all, if you haven’t watched the American Beauty, stop reading. Stop doing whatever you are doing; Go, watch it and come back.

Now, here is a movie that deserved it’s Oscar, unlike the much hyped Slumdog Millionaire which won the Best Picture Award today. SM is a good movie at best, for free’s sake it does not even portray the slums of Bombay for a decent amount of runtime. It really is one fucked up day when in one long year, The Academy could not find a movie better than SM. Anyway, it was awesome to see ARR win and make us all proud ( even though the OST of SM is not that great! ARR has done much much better before! ) and it was amazing when that guy spoke in Tamil and Hindi during his acceptance speech, Absolutely Amazing :D.

So then, coming to American Beauty, watched it the second time this week and loved it even more. Spacey is God. The Acting is simply breathtaking, every single character is so so Real and the OST is superb! With a really good real life story, and a message that is so basic to us all that it just knocks you out, it is probably the most perfectly executed movie project ever.

The only reason I’ve made you go all that crap above is to say this, American Beauty has such a beautiful ending with the best Monologue Ever! It just delivers everything that the movie has gotta say in an awesome way that you can watch it a million times :). And again, Spacey is God. Better than God.




  1. i just posted some crap on peace, tranquility and freeness(same hangover after seeing American Beauty) and surprise, surprise, I find a post in thy blog too!

    Awesome movie, with all due credit.

    And ARR thala… potru fellow.

  2. neeye ippodhaan seeing!! 😛

  3. @ Van
    I saw years ago man, saw it again this week.. free..

  4. @ CK
    Ezzh.. free..

  5. spacey is god.he was awesome i saw tis movie 2 years before.the film was very good but i did not find it as great as u guys say.personal view was good no doubt.slumdog free….. go watch milk romba rangeeeeeeeeeee….sean penn was potruuuuuuuuuuu.

    end of the day ARR has 2 oscars.tats all matters.20 days work 2 oscars no complains dude.. 🙂

  6. @ Dipak
    Yeah.. ARR God :).. free.. and yeah have to watch milk.. No time with stupid coll everyday!! 😦


  7. i used to blame the oscar team for giving awards to stupid feel good craps…… not until i saw american beauty……its really a gr8 movie…. and everytime i see…. i percieve it in diff ways….
    and of crse an obvious statement……. spacey thalaaaa!!!!!

    ezzzhhh…. freee

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