The Tenth Dimension

I have always wondered how to visualise all the additional dimensions that various theories propose and if you have ever heard of the String Theory and it’s ten dimensions this video will go a long way in helping you start visualising the stuff that make up our world.


You see the complex and yet simple theories that just blow away your mind and to think how far science has come to explaining so much is just awesome. To think of the power we have due to science and our ability to comprehend and propose new ideas, I guess evolution has peaked.


  1. That was awesome da.. surprisingly unconfusing!!

  2. @ Van

    Yeah.. It gets more confusing the more you understand it.. gethu.. free..

  3. Aiyo Kadavul..! That was gr8 stuff, man. Took me 2 views to sink in… but free, gethu.

    btw does String Theory encompass the Multiple Universe theory as well??

  4. @ Ck

    Yeah it does. The ultimate aim of these fundamental theories is unification of gravity with the other fundamental forces and imagining these omale dimensions is just very basics of these theories.. Idhukke evalo confusion.. Ezzh.. free..

  5. Hi Sriram, thanks for posting my animation, glad to hear you liked it. If you go to YouTube and search for annotated tenth dimension you’ll see a version with better quality sound and with embedded links to many of the other video blogs I’ve created discussing the huge cloud of ideas related to this project.

    More and more people seem to keep discovering this animation, which I’m very grateful for. I’ve posted a link to your blog in the “Interesting Links” section of my Imagining the Tenth Dimension blog.

    Best wishes,

    Rob Bryanton

  6. @ Rob Bryanton

    Thanks for making such a wonderful animation and sorry for not crediting you in the post. It is amazing that you are able to understand such complex stuff and explain it in such a simple way.
    Anyway if I get some money I’ll buy your book and see if I can understand string theory better :).

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