The Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image has been dubbed as the most important image ever taken by man and it is simply breathtaking. It actually makes me cry with awe, every single time I look at it.


Check out the Full Res Version. It’s a 4 MB image but let me tell you it’s worth every byte. Just right click, save and view in Full Screen.

It is an amazing feeling when you realise how small we are. When you think about it, we are the very definition of insignificance. It’s amazing that consciousness gives you the feeling of being important and significant. What a wonderful illusion reality is, amazingly confusing yet absolutely clear.

All is nothing.
All is free.




  1. Hmm… something Sujeet told me a long time back has been haunting me for the past few days.

    You see the vastness of eternity, you see the size of the universe, you realize our wholly insignificant existence, and even though you wish that this one fact is enough to curb every human’s inflated sense of ego, the fact remains that without you, however small you might be, the universe will not be complete.

    • @ Ck
      But are you not missing the fact that the universe has no need whatsoever, to be complete? ( Whatever that might be )

      Without you in it it’ll just be a different Universe (The present one – You ) but essentially it ll still be complete in the sense that you no longer are an entity and hence cannot be included as a criteria for completeness.

      Let me take a simple example. Tell me why we try and kill the mosquitoes that bite us ? We are a part of our Universe and we are essentially destroying a conscious being and humans are equivalent to mosquitoes (when you really think deeply with an open mind) and thus we in essence are making the universe incomplete every single day. Think of the wife / husband / children of the mosquitoes you kill, the eggs that you break for the omelets that you eat etc, incompletenesses will always grow. That simply, is the second law of Thermodynamics man, can be applied to everything.


  2. You say–What a wonderful illusion reality is, amazingly confusing yet absolutely clear. If we didn’t suppress all distractions in order to see clearly, we could see nothing. The illusion of clarity is our own, projected outward. I see intercircles within circles in that image–which my mind imposes on it to find order I can understand in the incomprehensible. You can look down at a sand beach and see somewhat the same pattern with the same clarity. We crave order and pattern. Which says more about ourselves than the universe. What can we do? Keep searching and being amazed. You’re on the right track. –Steve from Planet Earth (what do we know?)

    • @ Steve
      You’re spot on man. What can we do? Keep searching and being amazed :).

      And even I’ve wondered and marveled at the simple beauty of a sand beach and this craving for order and pattern really does say more about ourselves than our Universe because the only thing that ensures everywhere is chaos.

      Very nice mate, good philosophical thoughts and ideas, guess you’re on the right track too, along with me 😉

  3. Sriram, you blog about being insignificant in the universe. But the universe is a mental construct in your mind. You rule, wherever you are. When you die, your universe dies. Does that make any difference? To you and yours, certainly. To the universe, which is your creation? Yes. The opposite of insignificance is making a difference. Which you do, and have the courage and smarts to do. I say, keep at it. Test your strengths. Really like your blog. –Steve from Planet Earth

  4. @ Steve

    The Universe is a mental construct in your mind and when you die it dies. In this universe which is essentially your creation, you are Important because, as you rightly said, you make a difference. That argument has been thrown at me by another friend of mine who says that this force or the energy within you that makes you think and feel and this thing that creates the universe withing ourself, the soul as you may call it, just cannot be insignificant. But what if it is all just an illusion. Why use what if, we all know it’s an illusion, each individual living within a world of his own, of course this world is significant to that person and that person alone. I am not talking about these individual universes created by consciousness but the entire thing, the merger of all the individual universes created by both the conscious and the unconscious things that were/are/will be.

    I mean, would the universe exist at all if there were no beings like us to observe it? Does the concept of existence even have meaning without consciousness? What really is significance? Guess we’ll never know..

    And then there comes levels of significance. Of course everything is significant in a world such as ours ruled by chaos and quantum mechanics, even the smallest things mean something but is the meaning of all this significant? Will anyone who looks at Our Universe say five billion years from now even know that such a grand planet called Earth ever existed? I doubt that very much. That probably is Real Significance.

    The only significant thing is nothing. All is Chaos. All is nothing.

    And thank you. It really means something when you know someone stumbled upon your blog and they like it.

  5. Stumble, hell, I was drawn. By your power. I scan lots of blogs and keep my thoughts to myself. Yours calls for response because you understand what’s going on. All I can do is encourage you to push on by being wholly who you know yourself to be. The rest of us will watch, and hopefully respond. But in this universe it’s hard to say anything meaningful. It all sounds like natter, natter, natter. To me, you make sense. In this dark time of year, you are a light in the distance. –Steve from Planet Earth

  6. @ Steve

    Thanks a lot mate.. Is that really your picture that you are using as your avatar?

  7. Dei, watch Chris Nolan’s Doodlebug.

  8. @ Van
    Yeah, have watched it man… Amazing short film.. And read your post about this too.. free..

  9. Doodlebug rocked :p

    everybody sethu-poying at the end. Mokka Maddy only actually told me to watch it.

  10. i yam 12th comment…free… treat

  11. @Ck

    Ezzh.. free..

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