Nila Nila Oodi Vaa

The Moon, the nearest chunk of alien rock from Planet Earth, never fails to inspire awe and wonder every time you look at it and to think that India is going to reach for the Moon is absolutely amazing.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is going to launch the Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter tomorrow and it is going to be Legendary!

From the ISRO’s Website:

The primary objectives of Chandrayaan-1 are:
1. To expand scientific knowledge about the moon
2. To upgrade India’s technological capability
3. To provide challenging opportunities for planetary
research to the younger generation of Indian scientists

Chandrayaan-1 aims to achieve these well defined objectives through high resolution remote sensing of the moon in the visible, near infrared, microwave and X-ray regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. With this, preparation of a 3-dimensional atlas of the lunar surface and chemical mapping of entire lunar surface is envisaged.

We’ve also got a bunch of Indian payloads and have also accommodated a few foreign payloads and our orbiter is going to do some serious scientific work. ISRO has released this brochure with complete information about this mission.

October 22 at 06:20 Indian Standard Time is the date and time set for the launch and there’s going to be a webcast on the ISRO website, so don’t forget to catch it online.


India Rocks..

India is on the verge of becoming a space superpower and it should make every Indian proud. This should make humans all over the world stand united and feel good for what we, as a species can achieve.

Moon, here we come. In a few years it is going to get really crowded up there and someday we will spread our huge population to the moon too :p.

I’m sincerely hoping that the launch and the mission goes off without any major hitches. Here’s to Science and of course, to India.

Saare Jahan Se Accha, Hindustan Hamara
<< Those were the words Rakesh Sharma uttered 24 years back on board the Soviet Soyuz T-11, when asked by the then PM of India, Indira Gandhi, about how India looked from space. >>

Unofficial Website
Indian Express

PS –

All said and done, NASA sent men to the Moon decades ago and that is the most awesomest achievement by us till date. Let us hope that this time instead of a space race, international cooperation takes us to greater heights and reach Mars in the near future. I want to see man land on Mars before I die :). I wish I were an astronaut, going places, seeing the earth in all it’s insignificance; I don’t even mind if it is a one way ticket to the stars.

Nature is God. Science is my Religion.



  1. its only a matter of time b4 they land on Mars, man… and about ISRO… potru… one of the few worthwhile stuff our country does correctly.. it is a gr8 fact that India has developed its Space and Nuclear technology without any external aid, considering the fact that we were not even in contention to be in the big league just a decade ago.

    It is indeed something every Indian should be proud of.. 🙂

    and who knows, the 1st guy landing on the moon from our kantry can even be U!! 😀


  2. and our govt websites need some serious makeover…. they look like html designs by class 9 guys

  3. @ CK
    Yeah I know.. Totally 0 RS. spent on PR and websites.. You should have seen our DD’s coverage of today’s launch. Worstu it was.. I can make better websites than the ISRO ones and I guess the webcast wasn’t good this morning too.. We can land on the moon but can’t produce quality on the Internet both in terms of live feed and websites.. How Indian.. Strange thing, That makes me proud.. lol..


  4. Proud we are Mate. Sadly it was very very cloudy and my dreams of watching the Launch from my terrace was rained away. And as CK said, you could be the 1st Indian on Mars!! 😛 Can you run a Mile in under 4 mins?

  5. @ Van
    Lol.. You cannot see it from your terrace, not even with a telescope.. free.. and yeah I can run a mile under 4 mins..

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