Nice movie. Almost as good as American History X but then I guess nobody can beat Ed Norton…


And when your life is forever defined by a single action it changes time. It feels like a thousand years ago in my body but in my mind it feels like it happened yesterday.
– John Smith

Yes, prison desensitizes you.

But it also forces you to see
what’s most important.

Family. And loyalty.

Because a con like you knows
neither exists in this place.

So don’t run
from who you’ve become, felon.

Embrace it.

Grow from it.

And you’ll never lose sight
of what truly matters.

That’s my final piece of advice,
Wade Porter.

You protect your family at all costs.
Even if you’re forced to kill again.

Because if I had to, I’d wipe out
the whole planet to get mine back.



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  1. ok, downloading this next! 😀

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