There are moments in life that are supposed to make you feel good, make you happy, make you smile,make you forget everything and just lose yourself ; but when those moments come and pass by without changing anything whatsoever and all you’re still left with is just emptiness, I guess you have finally accepted that nothing really matters at all.

The understanding of the true insignificance of everything is a wonderful journey. The more you realise that the things are insignificant and meaningless, the more you tend to appreciate the beauty in everything. All things are equally unique and beautiful but at the same time equally mundane and meaningless.

“Everything is the same, nothing is worthwhile, the world is senseless, knowledge strangles.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Nothing’s gonna change my world.



  1. I see the Beatles are already having an effect! 🙂

    Anyways, dude, the Emptiness which you seem to be fond of; will go away only when you want it to. If you are gna choose to be empty, be indiffirent towards life, nothing can be done. Honestly…

  2. @ Van
    I don’t want it to go away man.. I know you are your choices and I’ve chosen well..

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