Apollo 11

July 20th 1969, a historic day on which humans first walked on the moon and today I can’t help but appreciate the scale of this achievement. Just go out tonight and see the near full moon glittering in all its glory and to think that we have the power to visit this alien world is simply amazing. Just think of the amount of science involved in a moon landing.

There’s nothing that’s more beautiful than the moon (as you can see in the picture at the top) and I’m sure each and everyone of us has looked up and gazed at the moon with awe and wonder. To think that 39 years ago we were able to go there and come back alive with the technology that was available then is really awesome.

Just see this video.. Amazing..

And check out this NASA web page for more videos.

And one of the best pictures of all time 🙂


How wonderful it would have been to walk on the moon.. Everytime I look up at the moon I wish I could visit it. So white, so beautiful, so breathtaking in a clear starry night amidst the blackness of space.

As Buzz Aldrin said one cannot really put it in words the feeling you get but I guess he summed it up beautifully when he said “Magnificent desolation”.

Amazing Gethu..



  1. They might have gone there or they might have not, but No one can deny the Moon’s Absolute Beauty. And I guess it’s a nice coincidence that ISRO has fixed a date for it’s manned moon mission today!

  2. Dude, We did go there and our ISRO’s mission is unmanned..

    Check this out if u believe that the Apollo program was a hoax…

    It most certainly was not…

  3. The moon is my favourite celetial body, Saturn a close second.

    I don’t believe in the conspiracy theory either. Pulling off something as huge as this, I feel, is well beyond anyone, even the US.

    And thanks for the bad astronomy link. it was brilliant

  4. @ dela
    The Bad Astronomer rocks man, check out his blog too.. Its Amazing!!!

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