Old school Winamp with Classic skins, that’s what I’ve been using for years and it just got better as I found the Lyrics Plugin. It’s awesomely plain and simple and so effective and fast :).

I’ve to experiment with Foobar2000 and this Config. It looks totally 1337 :D.

And if you’re using Winamp don’t forget the really effective Enhancer plugin.



  1. Try the Minilyrics plugin. It downloads .lrc files, so you get fully syncronised lyrics.
    I use WIndows Media Player, as I simply find the Winamp media library inadequate.
    As far as DSP goes, I always preffered Jammix enhancer when I used winamp. I found it better than DFX and Enhancer (jammix has some presets available as separate download on, try them).

  2. @ Pallab
    Okay.. I’ll try ’em out..

  3. @ Pallab

    Minilyrics is really awesome :).. Way better than the normal lyrics plugin I had and I get to embed the lyrics into the mp3 file itself.. Brilliant..

    And the Jammix enhancer is kinda the same as the enhancer I’m using, didn’t find too many differences between them…

    Anyway awesome pieces of software…

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