The last few days have been the most hectic holidays of my life. I’ve done such a great job of occupying myself fully with one thing or another that i usually don’t find time for doing stuff, quite opposite to the hols of most people which are totally engulfed by ultimate total vettiness.

Anyway wanted to blog a lot but just don’t have the time. These are the stuff I missed out…

– Bought a Bike finally. Apache RTR 160 Black one and it’s totally awesome :D.

– It skids every time I apply the brakes, I hope I don’t meet with an accident and cause some real damage.

– Mileage was poor the first few kilometres. Got only about 25 Kmpl. Wtf? thankfully it has improved and now getting over 40-45 Kmpl.

– Fastest Speed that I’ve achieved is a poor 105 Km/hr. Just waiting for a few days and a few services before going full throttle so that the engine turns out fine.

– Saw a lot of movies. The Fountain, The Truman Show and The Pianist are some of the really brilliant ones I saw now.

– Realised how determination can do wonders. Know a guy who weighed over 120 Kg and now he’s 60 odd. Fucking Brilliant. He runs around Soma ( My Home Ground :D) 12-14 times in a single go everyday. Awesome Spirit. Just Awesome.

– Went swimming after a few years and I’ve totally forgotten my strokes. My legs are doing fine but my hands are total crap. Badly wanna learn proper swimming and then maybe go and swim in some river.

– After so many movies and sitcoms, they’ve sorta become a bore and so now into books :).

– Euro 2008: Just can’t believe how good this tournament has been with so much good football and surprises.

– Turkey, how many comebacks? Their never say die attitude. Fucking Brilliant.

–  Russia playing the beautiful game the way it should be played. I hope they win. Guus Hiddink is a Genius.

– Stumbled upon this site. Definitely one of the most creative and interactive ones. Love it.

– Going to Dubai for a few days with family. Should be fun :).



  1. That’s great, man! :))

    have a great day! ***HUGZ***

  2. Wots the max speed u’ve ever reachd till date? things must be different now from wot ur bike was in the first..

    • Fastest in my bike = 119, fastest in another guys bike = 124 ( 200cc ) i wonder how they drive so awesomely in the MotoGP. Free..

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