War is definitely the worst part of being human. When it comes to tolerance, we are no better than the other species with lesser intelligence. I simply don’t understand how someone can even begin to justify war. I just finished seeing The Pianist and I just can’t believe an entire race of people were targeted so inhumanely, for fuck’s sake can’t people think for themselves? Doesn’t every person have a conscience, to treat everyone fairly and not discriminate them based on race, religion, cast and what not. They had no fucking control as to what country they were born into, no control over the influences that made them choose their beliefs and religion; their God is no lesser than your God. Their beliefs are as important as yours. Their Rights are as important as yours.

Humans are stupid. We are just like any other species with one exception, larger brains and better intelligence. But what do we use it for? To kill each other, barbaric is what we are in every sense of the word. History is full of war, bloodshed, millions killed for some lame and stupid reason. I used to think I was very lucky to have been born in independent India, relatively peaceful but we’ve learnt nothing from our past. It’s peace here but war in Iraq, the conflict never ends between the Israel and the Palestine. Africa is still totally fucked and taken advantage by the powerful countries. Our times are only slightly better than the past. When there’s peace in here, total chaos at another place; when the conflict is solved and peace established there, some new thing arises in here and it just goes on and on and on.

You get one single life. You have one single lifetime. Why doesn’t everyone just live and let live? You just have to do the things you love and get on with your life and enjoy it and not go on and fucking kill people because they’re Black, Jews or Poor.

I guess it’s all about the beautiful symmetry in everything in the universe. Everything is balanced, the electron has the positron, human stupidity is balanced by our intelligence and compassion but what will it be finally? A nuclear war that would end life as we know it. Or would our intelligence get us out of any situation we may find ourselves in?

We have a lot of responsibility. Earth maybe the only planet in the entire universe with life on it and we definitely are the most advanced species (unless of course we are living in a simulation like in the Matrix and in that case the ones in whose simulation we are in are the advanced species See The Simulation Argument), and we have the huge responsibility of spreading and sustaining life. We cannot annihilate ourselves with war. It would be totally stupid on our part if we end up extinct because of ourselves and The Universe if left without any intelligent life. Plain fucking stupid.

Why do we kill people who are killing people to show that killing people is wrong?
-Holly Near



  1. Solution => love for hatred

  2. i wonder whats the use of creating life when we eventually but definitely exterminate ourselves..

  3. @ rt
    Yup.. Ultimately when you think about it, there really is no purpose..

  4. read it in one of Crichton’s works… it goes that.. humans r the best killing machines nature has ever produced. v derive more joy from breaking apart or destroying stuff(analysing, in our words) than creating them. maybe thats our purpose…. we destroy ourselves… and the ones around us. maybe its a part of evolution.

    all that aside, war is one of the stupidest stuff v ever came up with. the holocaust will remain a deep scar in our history. no country tried to oppose Hitler… noone even raised der voice. oppression is rampant even today. and indians don’t fight with othr countries. v fight among ourselves…jeez.

  5. @ Ck
    We are definitely the best killing machines because lets face it, one cannot be the most dominant species without being the most violent on the planet.

  6. I HATE WAR, so I feel to say only a thing: who make war is not an human, but just a thing without feeling. 😦 all this is so sad. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR!!!

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