Sand Sea Rain Bliss

I went to Besant Nagar Beach last week and I was kinda skeptical as to what one can do there as it was raining, always have thought that rains and beaches never can be fun together till now. Anyway went there and thanks to the intermittent rains and the cool sea breeze, the wet beach sand, it was brilliant.

But the most amazing part was when I went into the sea, into the waters. Under Mooli’s persuation, I just forgot about all the risks involved and just simply enjoyed. It had been ages since I even dipped my legs into the sea because I hate the part that comes after you enjoy in the waters, going home that is far away with sand sticking to every part of your body. But this time I really went in. I mean really in the ocean, the waves hitting me and pulling me towards the shore and away from it, back and forth again and again, waves going over my head and totally submerging me in the salty waters, trying out my very little swimming skills, it was awesome.

Wait, it got even better. It started to pour, the sky darkened, large clouds loomed large overhead. So there I was ten feet into the sea, and it was raining very hard :). Warm ocean, cold rain, a few flashes of lightning overhead, gusty winds, even rougher waves, it was simply the most amazing thing! I got totally drenched and did not end up with a fever or cold after that 🙂 , nature can be so much fun.

But someone had stolen my slippers when we were all busy enjoying in the waters, there were helmets, reebok shoes, more slippers, mobile phones etc but they had to steal my pair of sandals. Wtf. Anyway had to be barefoot for a few hours after that in the rain drenched yucky Chennai roads but it was a small price to pay for enjoying the charm of the sea and the rain in all their awesomeness :).



  1. Jeez. Can’t believe me I missed it…. free… hope 2 get to go once in the rain… nature rocks in all its entirety

  2. I’m sorry for the stolen things…

    anyway, that’s great that you’ve enjoyed!! 🙂

    *hugs* and *kisses*

  3. yup it was aweome n im the lucky one the owner of the reebok shoes.i can anythin but pity for u and laugh also.

  4. @ dipak
    Yeah.. Lucky you.. justu miss your shoes.. free..

  5. @ CK
    Yup.. You really should have come that day..

    @ Smallstar
    Stolen things can be bought back :)..

  6. 10 feet!! :O

  7. @ yogi
    Not depth da.. 10 feet into the costline.. I was standing only 😛 except ofcourse when I was swept away by the huge waves…free..

  8. free..

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