It’s funny how time flies. It seems like only yesterday I was hanging out with the JV guys in KVR bakery sipping the delicious Panneer Soda that was then 2.50 bucks and fighting for that 5 Rs. Chenna. Lol. Those were good old days where we all had so much fun :).

So we guys met yesterday, 6 of us – Me, Van, Jeethu, Muruga, Mams, Scene and it was awesome fun and then in the evening, we met the best teacher in the world Divya Madame. It was brilliant. I just wish we all have more time to catch up with old friends regularly because it’s really just magical. Even after years, everyone is exactly the way they were. Muruga, the scapegoat ; Scene, still the same old characteristic vetti scene that is so much fun; Mams, the Eternal talker who just knows everything about any topic; Jeethu, the top kalatchifier of Muruga and of course the Romeo; Van, same old vetti van and still the shortest of the guys and of course me. Nobody has changed and everyone fit into the scheme of things so effortlessly as if we were still in school.

And Madame, she’s definitely more than a teacher to all of us. She was probably the most integral part of our class and without her X D would never have been X D. The passion, the care, the impartiality, the sweetness, everything about madame makes her the awesome teacher she is and a friend more than a teacher. And she taught french so brilliantly and patiently and I don’t think language can be taught better than this. Also being the class teacher for the same class continuously for years did really bring us all closer and it made the entire JV experience so much more special.

One can never forget the laughs, the chorus of “Bonjour Madame” and the characteristic “Asseyez Vous” :), all the “Excusez moi”s and the “Merci”s. And everyone especially the boys would never forget the scoldings we got from her. Appa the way she pinched our ears, even my skin colour turned red. And she took all the trouble we gave her so gracefully and man we did give her a lot of trouble. Ah, the tense Open days where parents came to meet her, the french songs that she thought us, the special french part of our morning assembly and so many more beautiful memories will forever be in the hearts of all of us. There just isn’t any other teacher who commands more respect from me, as a teacher, a person and a friend.

Anyway I just hope in the future, there’ll be more reunions, more memories shared and more awesome times. It’s really sad that everyone doesn’t find time to catch up, but I guess you should be happy with the amount of ppl you’re still in touch with…



  1. Yeah man, iskool days rocked. Being a sanskrit student, i never really dug wat the French part of the assembly meant. We guys wer all like “What??!”

    My clas… Uma mam wit her accent.. Anantha Krishnan, whose classes i always spent standing outside… H-kutty siddharth.. Scene Sujeet… Kundu.. Surabhi n culturals…

    I’d giv anythin to hav another round of those days. Makes me wish for a time-machine.

  2. yeah.. school really did rock..

  3. These things are always good to hear!! 😉 I’M HAPPY FOR YOU!

  4. @smallstar

  5. Hey, I miss my school days a lot too! I know. Once you come out of school, its so hard to keep in touch with friends. As you go on, to college, you make new friends and few of the old ones are lost. I do have a lot of school friends that I keep in touch with even now. 🙂

    There was one mistake (of many others) that I could not miss noticing:

    And she thought french so brilliantly and patiently…

    The ‘thought’ should actually be ‘taught’. No worries, mistakes happen. Nice blog. Keep writing. 🙂

  6. @ Manoj
    Yup.. Lol I do tend to make a lot more mistakes while typing stuff out :-|…
    Thanks a lot man, corrected the mistakes that I could find..

  7. @Sriram:
    No problem, just keep writing. You’ll see yourself doing lesser mistakes. 🙂

    Good day!

  8. one of the wishes I ‘d ask for is to go back for a day to those beautiful days and watch us all…just watch , laugh n learn..remember the day we went to Alice mam’s place..somethings are special that we can never forget and becomes more special when we revisit them in our memory lane..enjoyed the post 🙂

  9. @ Arthi
    Yeah.. that visit to Alice mam’s place was really wonderful.. :).. Class X was really amazing..

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