The Indian Premier League

It has finally come to a dramatic end. The Final, What a match it was. Last ball finishes are always awesome. I was really surprised that CSK made it that far. Somehow I never got the feeling we were good enough and we lost all our foreign batsmen in the end. Crap planning I say, we really should have bought some more decent players. And we missed out on DK and Yomi, the best Tamil Nadu talents apart from Badri.

Anyway T20 has proved that even teams that don’t have a lot of quality can still do well if they play with a big heart and give their all. But just think how our team would have performed in a test tournament. Lol it would have been comedy. T20 is great but Tests really are the ultimate test of Cricketing Skill. There’s nothing like patiently watching a Test match for 5 days in the stands. Wonderful experience. T20 goes on for so little time it just doesnt feel like cricket at all. In the stands I mean, On TV it’s fine but there in the stadium, you go and get something to eat you miss out on a lot…

Anyway Warne was senstional and he deserved it fully. MS Dhoni is definitely the best captain in the country right now. But his coolness irritates me. Sometimes he’s like Thierry Henry, you score a magnificent goal you fucking celebrate man and not just stand around as if it was no big deal and when Dhoni does the same and doesn’t celebrate the things he should, it just doesn’t feel right. But the man’s a genius, hats off to him.

And the next year’s IPL won’t be having any caps on spending I guess, so the Cricketers are going to make more and more money, the Transfer market would definitely be set ablaze and the richest will go away with the best. Nice try but will it ever become as awesome as football? Only time will tell.



  1. No Limits? Dat’s crazy…and the best thing is every freakin foreign player will stay… And If Lalit Modi has his ways, there’ll be 2 seasons in a year! That’ll be boring…

  2. Yeah.. two seasons per year would suck big time…

  3. free… guess der wont be two seasons anyway. But the transfer markets being set ablaze?? u think that might happen..? nobody wants der best players to go..

  4. Yeah.. Nobody wants their best players to go but there’s always the lure of more money that just corrupts the players like in every other sport and I’m sure there’ll be some big movers…

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