Lost !

How awesome was the finale of Season 4. It was Bloody Brilliant. SPOILER ALERT – The man in the coffin is John Lock, and he gets to be the new leader of the Others. Michael Emerson (Ben) is definitely the best actor on the show and man they moved the island.  Check out the easter eggs.

And Penny and Desmond finally get together, true love should be rewarded :). Dead people moving around and boats blowing up and a lot of other awesome stuff happening but all with some scientific basis. That is what I love about the show. The consistency with all the stories, mindblowing mysteries, the connections between anything and everything, the depth of each and every character. No other show matches it.

Hats off to Carlton and Damon and the rest of the production team. Hope they rehash the finale in a Podcast so that we can really understand what happned in that episode.

Just can’t wait for the next season…


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