Old school Winamp with Classic skins, that’s what I’ve been using for years and it just got better as I found the Lyrics Plugin. It’s awesomely plain and simple and so effective and fast :).

I’ve to experiment with Foobar2000 and this Config. It looks totally 1337 :D.

And if you’re using Winamp don’t forget the really effective Enhancer plugin.



The last few days have been the most hectic holidays of my life. I’ve done such a great job of occupying myself fully with one thing or another that i usually don’t find time for doing stuff, quite opposite to the hols of most people which are totally engulfed by ultimate total vettiness.

Anyway wanted to blog a lot but just don’t have the time. These are the stuff I missed out…

– Bought a Bike finally. Apache RTR 160 Black one and it’s totally awesome :D.

– It skids every time I apply the brakes, I hope I don’t meet with an accident and cause some real damage.

– Mileage was poor the first few kilometres. Got only about 25 Kmpl. Wtf? thankfully it has improved and now getting over 40-45 Kmpl.

– Fastest Speed that I’ve achieved is a poor 105 Km/hr. Just waiting for a few days and a few services before going full throttle so that the engine turns out fine.

– Saw a lot of movies. The Fountain, The Truman Show and The Pianist are some of the really brilliant ones I saw now.

– Realised how determination can do wonders. Know a guy who weighed over 120 Kg and now he’s 60 odd. Fucking Brilliant. He runs around Soma ( My Home Ground :D) 12-14 times in a single go everyday. Awesome Spirit. Just Awesome.

– Went swimming after a few years and I’ve totally forgotten my strokes. My legs are doing fine but my hands are total crap. Badly wanna learn proper swimming and then maybe go and swim in some river.

– After so many movies and sitcoms, they’ve sorta become a bore and so now into books :).

– Euro 2008: Just can’t believe how good this tournament has been with so much good football and surprises.

– Turkey, how many comebacks? Their never say die attitude. Fucking Brilliant.

–  Russia playing the beautiful game the way it should be played. I hope they win. Guus Hiddink is a Genius.

– Stumbled upon this site. Definitely one of the most creative and interactive ones. Love it.

– Going to Dubai for a few days with family. Should be fun :).

George Carlin

George Carlin is definitely one of the best stand-up comedians the word has ever seen. All his lines are really really thoughtful and the hundreds of George Carlin quotes make so much sense, and at the same time they’re all so funny.

I stumbled upon his quotes last year and became a fan instantly. Here they are, so wonderful, thoughtful and hilarious.

And almost everyone knows about the Seven Dirty Words that you cannot say on Television and of course my personal favorite Airline Announcement.

The Legend lives on.

R.I.P. George Calvin.


War is definitely the worst part of being human. When it comes to tolerance, we are no better than the other species with lesser intelligence. I simply don’t understand how someone can even begin to justify war. I just finished seeing The Pianist and I just can’t believe an entire race of people were targeted so inhumanely, for fuck’s sake can’t people think for themselves? Doesn’t every person have a conscience, to treat everyone fairly and not discriminate them based on race, religion, cast and what not. They had no fucking control as to what country they were born into, no control over the influences that made them choose their beliefs and religion; their God is no lesser than your God. Their beliefs are as important as yours. Their Rights are as important as yours.

Humans are stupid. We are just like any other species with one exception, larger brains and better intelligence. But what do we use it for? To kill each other, barbaric is what we are in every sense of the word. History is full of war, bloodshed, millions killed for some lame and stupid reason. I used to think I was very lucky to have been born in independent India, relatively peaceful but we’ve learnt nothing from our past. It’s peace here but war in Iraq, the conflict never ends between the Israel and the Palestine. Africa is still totally fucked and taken advantage by the powerful countries. Our times are only slightly better than the past. When there’s peace in here, total chaos at another place; when the conflict is solved and peace established there, some new thing arises in here and it just goes on and on and on.

You get one single life. You have one single lifetime. Why doesn’t everyone just live and let live? You just have to do the things you love and get on with your life and enjoy it and not go on and fucking kill people because they’re Black, Jews or Poor.

I guess it’s all about the beautiful symmetry in everything in the universe. Everything is balanced, the electron has the positron, human stupidity is balanced by our intelligence and compassion but what will it be finally? A nuclear war that would end life as we know it. Or would our intelligence get us out of any situation we may find ourselves in?

We have a lot of responsibility. Earth maybe the only planet in the entire universe with life on it and we definitely are the most advanced species (unless of course we are living in a simulation like in the Matrix and in that case the ones in whose simulation we are in are the advanced species See The Simulation Argument), and we have the huge responsibility of spreading and sustaining life. We cannot annihilate ourselves with war. It would be totally stupid on our part if we end up extinct because of ourselves and The Universe if left without any intelligent life. Plain fucking stupid.

Why do we kill people who are killing people to show that killing people is wrong?
-Holly Near


“To never have been born may be the greatest boon of all.”

Sand Sea Rain Bliss

I went to Besant Nagar Beach last week and I was kinda skeptical as to what one can do there as it was raining, always have thought that rains and beaches never can be fun together till now. Anyway went there and thanks to the intermittent rains and the cool sea breeze, the wet beach sand, it was brilliant.

But the most amazing part was when I went into the sea, into the waters. Under Mooli’s persuation, I just forgot about all the risks involved and just simply enjoyed. It had been ages since I even dipped my legs into the sea because I hate the part that comes after you enjoy in the waters, going home that is far away with sand sticking to every part of your body. But this time I really went in. I mean really in the ocean, the waves hitting me and pulling me towards the shore and away from it, back and forth again and again, waves going over my head and totally submerging me in the salty waters, trying out my very little swimming skills, it was awesome.

Wait, it got even better. It started to pour, the sky darkened, large clouds loomed large overhead. So there I was ten feet into the sea, and it was raining very hard :). Warm ocean, cold rain, a few flashes of lightning overhead, gusty winds, even rougher waves, it was simply the most amazing thing! I got totally drenched and did not end up with a fever or cold after that 🙂 , nature can be so much fun.

But someone had stolen my slippers when we were all busy enjoying in the waters, there were helmets, reebok shoes, more slippers, mobile phones etc but they had to steal my pair of sandals. Wtf. Anyway had to be barefoot for a few hours after that in the rain drenched yucky Chennai roads but it was a small price to pay for enjoying the charm of the sea and the rain in all their awesomeness :).


It’s funny how time flies. It seems like only yesterday I was hanging out with the JV guys in KVR bakery sipping the delicious Panneer Soda that was then 2.50 bucks and fighting for that 5 Rs. Chenna. Lol. Those were good old days where we all had so much fun :).

So we guys met yesterday, 6 of us – Me, Van, Jeethu, Muruga, Mams, Scene and it was awesome fun and then in the evening, we met the best teacher in the world Divya Madame. It was brilliant. I just wish we all have more time to catch up with old friends regularly because it’s really just magical. Even after years, everyone is exactly the way they were. Muruga, the scapegoat ; Scene, still the same old characteristic vetti scene that is so much fun; Mams, the Eternal talker who just knows everything about any topic; Jeethu, the top kalatchifier of Muruga and of course the Romeo; Van, same old vetti van and still the shortest of the guys and of course me. Nobody has changed and everyone fit into the scheme of things so effortlessly as if we were still in school.

And Madame, she’s definitely more than a teacher to all of us. She was probably the most integral part of our class and without her X D would never have been X D. The passion, the care, the impartiality, the sweetness, everything about madame makes her the awesome teacher she is and a friend more than a teacher. And she taught french so brilliantly and patiently and I don’t think language can be taught better than this. Also being the class teacher for the same class continuously for years did really bring us all closer and it made the entire JV experience so much more special.

One can never forget the laughs, the chorus of “Bonjour Madame” and the characteristic “Asseyez Vous” :), all the “Excusez moi”s and the “Merci”s. And everyone especially the boys would never forget the scoldings we got from her. Appa the way she pinched our ears, even my skin colour turned red. And she took all the trouble we gave her so gracefully and man we did give her a lot of trouble. Ah, the tense Open days where parents came to meet her, the french songs that she thought us, the special french part of our morning assembly and so many more beautiful memories will forever be in the hearts of all of us. There just isn’t any other teacher who commands more respect from me, as a teacher, a person and a friend.

Anyway I just hope in the future, there’ll be more reunions, more memories shared and more awesome times. It’s really sad that everyone doesn’t find time to catch up, but I guess you should be happy with the amount of ppl you’re still in touch with…