A1 GP…

To witness India win in Motor Racing is a special feeling… A1 GP is not that awesome to watch, give me F1 anyday but man it is special to root for your own country, specially when you’re pwning the others 😀

From Pole to P1 in the Podium, Narain rocks and when he went up at the top of the podium i had goose bumps and when ‘Jana Gana Mana’ started playing it was ruddy brilliant.

Wish Narain comes back to F1 driving for Force India, it would be the awesomest thing if he wins an actual GP in Formula 1 ( Somehow A1 GP wins seem unreal 😐 )




  1. Fisichella’s doing good for Force the India actually. If we get a couple of more P10 finishes, we should be able to get a point or two, and that’s a lot for a Minardi (:P) type team in the debut season.. 😛

  2. Minardi :D.. yeah i guess you can say that.. and Fisi definitely a better driver than Narain but why not replace Sutil with our own guy so that you get more of India into F1.. Let’s see..

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