Brian Cox at TED..

Brian Cox.. He’s a wonderful Speaker and I’m glad he’s a Physicist. Anyone even remotely into physics and science should see this..

Check out the TED  Talks. Brilliant. Ideas Definitely Worth Spreading.



– Holidays for everyone and I’m stuck with stupid exams. Worstu situation ever and it keeps happening every sem 😦

– So Man Utd have done it! 🙂 Brilliant stuff. Just Can’t wait for the 21st,
Got double vision 😀

– Ryan Giggs should really be Sir Ryan Giggs. Absolute.Fucking.Legend.

– IPL rocks.. But I have a bad feeling about the Chennai SuperKings, so fragile in batting, bowling and fielding – lol, everything.

– I can’t believe Delhi have got DK And Yo. With them in our side it would definitely feel more like Namma Team. In PHL, the Veerans talk in Tamil while playing… It was wonderful in the stands to hear the players talk like that in Tamil – The instant connection with our Local Club was there. Somehow i don’t see that happening in the IPL…

– The days are just getting hotter and hotter. Phew!

– Missed the Lunar Occultation of Mars on the 10th. Went to Chepauk for the match and the weather wasn’t fine that day too for Star Gazing. What’s up with the clouds and astronomical events, screws it up every single time…

– LOST is well getting better and better with evey season.
Best Show Ever. Period.

– Gregory “Dr.Awesome” House MD is back.

– The Big Bang Theory’s theme song is really Gethu. Samma Catchy. Definitely the best theme song since Friends.

– Kuruvi Sucks! One of the worstu movies ever. But awesome fun to kalai
and Vijay, Man he can dance…

– Free…

A1 GP…

To witness India win in Motor Racing is a special feeling… A1 GP is not that awesome to watch, give me F1 anyday but man it is special to root for your own country, specially when you’re pwning the others 😀

From Pole to P1 in the Podium, Narain rocks and when he went up at the top of the podium i had goose bumps and when ‘Jana Gana Mana’ started playing it was ruddy brilliant.

Wish Narain comes back to F1 driving for Force India, it would be the awesomest thing if he wins an actual GP in Formula 1 ( Somehow A1 GP wins seem unreal 😐 )


The End Of Everything…

Check this out at UT.. Amazing article…

And speaking about the end of everything, if you like Sci-FI you MUST read the short story by Isaac “There are no words to decribe this guy’s creativity.. no words” Asimov called The Last Question.