The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

Humans are pretty unique among all the species on our planet because you know we are the only ones who can really think, about the really important and seemingly insolvable stuff. WHY? That is probably the only word that can sum up our brains and our minds. It’s really wonderful to think that evolution would lead to creatures so complex and curious that they will explain evolution itself, brilliant :)…

We would never be human if not for why… Why do we exist? Why does anything that happens, happens the way it happens? lol.. Why does anything that exists, exists the way it exists? It is our quest for knowledge, the urge to understand everything, our innate nature to question everything that sets us apart and has made us the pinnacle of evolution in our planet.

Science, the quest for everything through valid resoning and experiments has taken us this far and I’m sure it’ll take us to greater heights in the future..
Just Check out this article – 10 Impossibilities Conquered By Science

It’s really awesome that we are able to do stuff that our ancestors called magic, the stuff of the Gods as the late Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
As it happens in the film The Gods Must Be Crazy , our brilliant minds readily forge stupid explainations to inexplicable stuff say Thunder and Lightning for the early humans, they were considered the work of the Gods but now we can explain so much :). Our knowledge is so vast that a lifetime is no longer enough to get to know anything fully in any field but yet we know so little.

For us the metaphysical,the inexplicable still remain. We’ve moved on from instant communication to communication across space, from travelling on wheels to flying through air and vaccum, from having difficulties to travelling from one city to another now we struggle and find ways to travel from one planet to another.

We have moved on and will move on to bigger and more fundamental stuff. We’ve gone from explaining sunrises and eclipses to quantum mechanics to singularities to uncertainities.

For the early humans, everything was God’s work. Now we can explain so much and the role of Gods, Demons and Magic has reduced drastically. Eventually we’ll be close to explaining everything via valid reason. Maybe we’ll find out why we are here, what the ultimate fate of the universe is, or maybe we are just another species who’ll go extinct with no trace left behind once our sun gobbles up our home after a few billion years or maybe we’ll discover a way to reverse entropy itself and become the Gods ourselves…

Instead of thinking about all this you can instead just accept The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything as 42 :D…

Check out Take me to the limits and this TED Talk.. Stephen Hawking is a Genius…


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