Public Transport…

It is probably the only thing that’s making our roads slightly manageable. I goto college by train and it rocks. It’s way faster than buses and mass train transit is way more environmental friendly. And with the amount of money they’ve got, The Indian Railways have done a fairly good job. One of the thing that we definitely should be proud of in our country.

I’ve always had a comfortable ride in the trains, always travelled Second Class only because the First Class is well pretty costly but the Buses in our city, have gone through hell in crowded buses . Sometimes it can be so crowded, that you feel like just getting down and getting some air before you get crushed or faint in the heat, sweat and the lack of air. But only a few days ago i realised that our trains were no better. I went to coll and got OD 🙂 and was returning back home and man was it crowded. I entered via one door at my coll’s station and before i could reach Guindy Iwas somewhere else and i had to struggle to get my bag which i had placed on a rack. The amount of ppl inside the compartment was definitely 50 times the amount it was meant to hold. I barely had space to keep both my legs grounded. It sucked and only then i realised our trains were no better than our buses. Poor ppl daily going for work in that much stress and pain, man life sucks. I dunno why they dont increase the frequency of the trains. They really should! For the ppl who goto work most probably a bore this would be another factor to discourage them from any interest in what they do for a living.

And then to our buses, what’s up with the closing doors man. They Suck. I boarded a bus and was on the footboard coz it was really relaly crowed and the fuckin close.. I was like wtf! The conductor should at least tell ppl who are on the footboard to come up.

Finally the new machine for tickets inside the buses is a cool concept. But its slow and it took a lot more time for the conductor, guess if you kinda tweak it somehow it’ll be awesome…



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