Tales of Mere Existence…

I came across a series of small vids, brilliantly creative called The Tales of Mere Existence. As soon as I saw the title, I knew I would love the vids because the title really sums up my life pretty much. Anyway check out those videos here. They’re are pretty brilliantly done by Levni (Lev) Yilmaz. Hats off to you man and sorry for stealing the title đŸ˜€



  1. Nice blog da.. Sat and went thru all ur posts (the not-so geeky ones, at least) Did u find out what the ‘quit chennai’ ads were for??

    oh, and btw, the video is brilliant

  2. thanks da.. Didn’t find out what the ads are about yet…free..

  3. Those Quit Chennai ads were for some Construction Company building some mini city away from Chennai… Worstu campaign tho…

  4. Contruction Company :-|.. never would have guessed..free..

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