OD, Jam and Kurukshetra…

OD is a really awesome thing 🙂 and all I wanted to do was not goto college for a couple of days (getting really tired of that place) and just relax a lot at home but instead ended up having a lotta fun and an even more hectic time than normal college days…

I’ve always loved JAM and I participated for the first time, thanks to Van. I came in 4th, it was only Meenakshi Engineering College but for a first timer, I did pretty well. I was 2nd for a while, then 3rd till the end, but just missed the third place when the event went on for another supposed Bonus round which only made me lose the 750 bucks that Would have got if I had finished 3rd. Anyway JAM’s so hard, My objections were pretty good but the TOPICS I kept forgetting. I concentrated so much on the other ppl and objections that when it was my turn to talk I drew a blank. But on the whole it was an Awesome experience :)…

Next, Anna’s tech fest Kurukshetra and I really really wanted to participate in Google Xpress, an event based on using Google and Windows in expert ways and tweaking them and Iknew i would do well so roped in MK (Jeez) and ended up in the 2nd place. The prelims were one comedy, cheated 😀 and got through to the finals. Messaged all the questions to MA and he promplty replied to all of ’em and got us thru to the finals :). Very lucky that he had bunked that day.

Anyway the finals was pretty awesome, the questions there were really good and innovative and we were the best team out of the four that were selected but we lost the 1st place at the end and ended up 2nd thanks to a Stupid game, Minesweeper!!! We didn’t complete that game and another team had done it and they won because of that, What Luck man, so close but yet so far. Anyway 2nd place is not tat bad 🙂 just waiting to get the certs and the cash prize :)…

Not going to college is a lotta Fun and I’m going to try extra hard this sem to enjoy as much as i can and attend all possible
events :)…free…



  1. which coll student doesn’t like the OD man? Only in my stoopid coll, its called Grant Of Attendance, no idea why! And I’m glad you enjoyed Jam. For a first timer, you were great! And Congrats once again on that 2nd place!

  2. Thanks man..

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