I’m a Big Fan of Opera..The browser…Been using it for ages (since Opera 5.0) and it rocks…


IE sucks…At least its not cool to use IE anymore when you got way better alternatives…Microsoft has not be the pioneer in Internet Browsers for years…First it was netscape and now it’s the time of Mozilla Firefox…Firefox, make no mistake is a pretty awesome browser but Opera i feel is better…

All you diehard Firefox Fans check this site out Firefox Myths..You’ll see why opera is cool…

Firefox is all about its Extensions but Opera has a host of inbuilt features…It’s got native RSS, Bittorrent Download, UserJS(Greasemonkey Scripts), Mail, Chat, Widgets, Speed Dial, Links, Mouse Gestures, Shortcuts, Menu Customisation, Pop Up Blocker, Ctrl+B function, Sessions, Image View Mode..i can go on and on….

Its also the fastest browser..At least in windows..Speed Comparison and its highly customizable and probably the most secure…

Check this page out for 10 Features you’ll find only in Opera..

I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg…Opera is so much more…its awesome…just give it a try…


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