RSS…Real Simple Sydication…

This post goes out to all those people who read a lot of blogs but till now haven’t been using RSS…

RSS is a gem of an idea. A great time saver. I’m sure there are a lotta blogs one reads regularly and most people I know go check out the blogs everytime and see if something new has been posted. A real waste of time…

With RSS all you need is to subscribe to a blog and forget its URL really…First select a RSS Reader like say the Google Reader or Netvibes or Yahoo Mail… They are pretty brilliant…If you don’t prefer a web based one, try the in-built RSS aggregator in your browser. I personally use my browser Opera(all you firefox buffs out there, give Opera a try) for all my feeds…RSS is pretty much there in all the browsers nowadays and once you subscribe to a blog or a news site you get all your updates delivered right to you, instead of you visiting the sites again and again…

Just give it a try…I’m sure the tech savvy are already addicted to RSS..
To subcribe to my blog, Click Here

Be productively lazy :)…


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